Back in the day when everyone and their brother had their own personal domain, web portals were an easy way to organize the different sites you maintained. While that era of the internet is long since past, I still cling to this portal like an aging disco queen clutching an 8track to her permanently glittered bossom. Really, I'm just trying to keep at least one of the domains I have somewhat useful. came into being May 8, 2003. I had originally purchased it with the intention of using it as a webzine, but since I'm far too lazy for that business, it quickly became my web portal. Over the years I have run countless webrings, fanlistings and cliques and although I no longer have the time or desire to maintain those kinds of sites, I still have a handful of sites which I have listed here. For any questions about web design/ maintainence services or anything else, feel free to contact me here.